Handwritten Card Service For People Who Leave Things Too Late

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Hello Forgetful People!

If you have left it too late to post somebody's birthday card you can now relax.  I will handwrite and send your card for you.

What you need to do:

1:  You see the box above?  Please write your FULL message in there, including who the card is to and how you would like to sign it off.  Then write the full name and postal address for the recipient in the same box.  

2:  Please double check your spelling and grammar, etc as I will be writing your message EXACTLY as it appears in the box.

3:  Add this item to your basket.  The handwritten service costs £1.  This is not a tax on your forgetfulness, it is a donation to Cats Protection.  Yes, I am taking advantage of your predicament to buy toys for rescue cats.  Everybody wins.

4.  Now pick the card you would like to send from the website and add that to your basket.

5.  Pay for your purchases.


Disclaimer:  All cards ordered before 4pm will be sent first class on the same day.  There is a chance that cards ordered up until 5pm will make it.  There is a post box opposite my house but I need time to process your order.  Also, please note, once the card is posted, it is at the complete mercy of the Royal Mail.  You will receive photographic proof of the card going in the post box before 5.30pm but then I absolve myself of any responsibility. 

Any questions or requests, please email me on contact@vintagecardcompany.co.uk and I will try to respond pronto.