'Affectionate Greetings' Lovely Cat and Dog Vintage Illustration Card



Affectionate Greetings

A wonderful card dispelling the myth that cats and dogs can't get on (ok, I know a lot of them don't but when they do it's wonderful).  We could learn a lot from this black kitten and little puppy.  If we embraced each other and all our differences, the world would be a much nicer place.

A nice card to send to someone you haven't seen for a while, or indeed a make-up card to send to someone you may have a long-term disagreement with and want to make amends.  It's a very definite but gentle message.  See!  I have cards for every occasion.  Of course, you could just give it to someone who loves cats and dogs just to make them happy - that would work too!

The image has been lovingly restored from a vintage English postcard c.1920.  It is printed on environmentally-friendly cardstock. It measures 115mm x 165mm and is landscape in configuration. The card is blank inside for your own message.  It comes with a white envelope and is housed in a cellophane wrapper.